Review by Ricky Pulley, Mauldin

Dining here was casual and laid back. Just walk right in and sit right down. The restaurant was nicely decorated with a Greek mural on the wall and Greek music played in the background. This dining experience was a venture away from the ordinary burger and weiner routine. The taste of lamb, chicken, and pork sauteed in a lemon-based sauce really captured my taste buds. Dining here was well worth the time.

Review by Ginette Romkey, Pickens

My meal at the Olive Tree restaurant was an unexpected treat. I was surprised by the variety of menu options and the reasonable prices. Nothing can beat the taste of authentic food, and you could really tell the freshness of the ingredients with every bite. I must say that I was most thankful for the incredible service that the wait staff provided. Although the Olive Tree is a distance from where I live, when visiting friends in the area, I will definitely make the Olive Tree one of my top picks for a dinner outing.